Nince Henry Hits at Musicians Who Stay in Makindye


Singer and songwriter Nince Henry has thrown shade at musicians who reside in Makindye, which many describe as Uganda’s Beverly Hills, as it is home to many musicians.

Through a social media post, Nince said many of the musicians who stay in Makindye practice witchcraft.

There’s a huge part of the music industry in Uganda that resides in Makindye. But what defines most of them who stay in Makindye is sarcasm in form of flattery and insincere smiles. They are always involved in African chemistry.  

“Some of my friends like Spice Diana I wish you to leave and come to Ntinda. Young boys are always smoking pot. Very silly and backward mindset for sure. I have so many friends there and I feel bad for them all the time,”

Spice hasn’t responded yet.


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